Monday, May 04, 2009

House Hunting

Long-time readers of my blog know that I've been looking for a house
for a while. Although, I am being optimistic when I say "readers" in
this context. After seeing probably the 30th house, I started trying
to put together stories about the house and it's owners: who they
were, why they are selling, and what possesed them to make certain
design choices. After this past weekend, I think it's time to make
this more formal, and try to do a short (100-400 word) paragraph on the
houses. I'm not a great serious writer; what few skills I have I think
lean more towards satire. But I'm going to try.

208 32nd Ave, 98122 ($1.3M, 6br / 4.25ba)

Mark and Travis were married in 1988. Nineteen Eighty-Eight. I was
just barely in high school at the time. I think the first bit of gay
literature I got was 1988. Possibly the same weekend they were
married. Since then, it looks like they've adopted three kids. Which
explains the 6br house. But it's not clear why they are moving. The
pictures and toys point to younger kids; they are not
down-sizing. Maybe a better school system? They've done a huge amount
of work on the house, and it seems odd that they are leaving it. The
only thing I can come up with is that Travis is a minister, and he may
have gotten a congregation somewhere else. Mark is a doctor of some
sort, so he can work wherever he wants.


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