Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Facebook Thoughts: Middle School and Post-Grad Editions

Middle School

So, I told Friend A that I didn't want to discuss Friend B ever again. Which made Friend A thinks that Friend B is completely out of the picture. But I still see Friend B a lot. Both Friend A and Friend B are Facebook friends, but not really social friends other than through me. Recently, Friend B posted a photograph of me on Facebook.

One of the perils of Facebook is that it's hard to tell what Friend A sees: does he see that Friend B posted a picture of me? And I suppose that means I need to explain what's going on. Yes, this is entirely middle school of me.


I notice that my online real estate agent has a way I can post houses that I'm interested in on Facebook. Just because you can do something online doesn't mean you should. And, besides, once the offer is accepted, the listing is no longer available online. Which is exactly the time you want to share it on Facebook.

Maybe I'll have a chance to try it out tomorrow afternoon.


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