Friday, March 20, 2009

100% Hip-Hop? And what does Linked-In Know?

I logged into Orkut for the first time in years. Possibly decades. Like any good social network, it suggested a few people it thought I might know. Most of them were pretty obvious choices. Bietz, Hand, Casner, Gross. All predictable and unsurprising. Then, nestled in the middle of the list is a "Camila 100% Hip Hop." I'm wondering if she's like MySpace's Tom. Or just a weird freak of the algorithm.

Also, I looked at friend recommendations in Linked In a few days ago. There was one that I actually knew. But I can't figure out how Linked In knew I knew him. There is no common friend. There's not even a two-hop friend. He lives in a distant country, and I've actually only seen him twice in my life. I haven't told Linked In about my gmail account. (Although he may have...) One of those, "huh?" moments.

Yeah. I'm spending too much time thinking about social network sites recently. I blame the US Government.


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