Monday, September 15, 2008

Travel Anger Management

I didn't quite scream, but I nearly got to it this afternoon, checking into my "hotel" in London. It's actually a University dorm, outfitted for the lucrative conference market, so calling it a hotel is giving it a lot of credit. The near-screaming was started because there was 1) no wireless, 2) the internet they did have required me to register my MAC address, and 3) I had to pay for this "privilege" of internet access.

In the end, I told the front desk that I was told Internet would be free. I played my very best passive aggressive american traveler, and ended up getting free Internet. Well, not sure if it is free or not, but I didn't pay at sign-up, like I was supposed to. Tomorrow I get to send an even better passive-aggressive note to the conference organizers and tell them to fix things with the front desk.


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