Monday, August 20, 2007

Disinterested Buyer, Pt 3

I'm not making a huge amount of progress in the effort to buy a place, but I am occasionally looking at houses, townhouses, and condos. I went to one over the weekend that honestly baffled me in terms of the floorplan. It was a townhouse, over three levels.

First off, I really don't get townhouses. Most of the ones I have seen just don't make sense to me. The only attraction I've ever seen in a townhouse is that you can do each level up in an entirely different motif. Me, I'm planning the ground floor to be 1890's hunting lodge (bearskin rug, antler lamp), second floor being Louis XVI (gilt, mirrors, brocade and more mirrors and brocade), and the top floor being 1980's black lacquer. But enough about that.

I had two major problems with this particular townhouse. The first was that given the floorplan and model I saw, there was no obvious place to put a television. For me personally, that's not a huge problem, since I rarely watch television. But still, given the importance of "Desparate Housewives" in modern america's life, you would think this would have been thought through in the design of the house. The other problem was the master bathroom. The townhouse was about 2000sq ft, over three stories. The master bath was about 60% of one of those stories. Here's the floorplan:

I'm trying to figure out what people would use this much bathroom for? It's literally about half the size of my current apartment! Just the bathroom! And putting the clothes in the bathroom? That seems odd to me. Anyway, I guess I'm not their target market, since it was $400K more than I could afford. I suppose with double my current salary, I would have a different outlook on life.


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