Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Johnnie Walker and Aviation Electronics

In Johnnie Walker's world, there are four labels: Black, Red, Gold, and Blue. This has a direct (albeit reversed) relationship to the world of aviation electronics, where there are three labels: Blue, Red, and Black. Blue label is Johnnie's oldest and most mature whiskey. Blue Label is aviation electronic's youngest, and most immature product. For both Johnny and electronics, red label is a nice middle ground -- old enough to drink, mature enough to actually take up in the air and put your life in it's hands. Finally, there's black label. In Johnny's world, it's the cheap one. In my world, it's the only thing I can deliver to paying customers.

Unfortunately, the program I'm working on right now doesn't have blue label products. It would be a good excuse to go out and buy a bottle of it.


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