Friday, February 11, 2005

Morally Bankrupt Business Plans, Part III (a)

There is a further elaboration to Calendar Spam. It's a subtle thing, but probably one worth pursuing. In Outlook, accepting a meeting notice generates a response to the sender of the meeting notice. Legally, that's probably good enough to be a contract -- there is verification that you accepted the terms of the e-mail. Which means that I have a second revenue stream; one that is probably even more profitable than people going to high-pressure time-share sales pitches.

How do I monetize this? Very easily. Buried in the fine print of the original sales solicitation is a bit of fine print that says that if you accept, but cancel less than one week before the event, you are liable for a $150 late cancellation penalty. When we send a reminder 6 days before the event, people call to cancel. And we hit them with $150 charge. If you complain enough, I may waive the charge. But only after I take you to small-claims court. In a different locale than where you live.

I never said I sleep well.


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