Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Morally Bankrupt Business Plans, Part III

Two words: Calendar Spam.

(and yes, I know I've not yet posted "Morally Bankrupt Business Plans, Part I" yet) I'm surprised an enterprising person hasn't started sending out meeting notifications for people's online calendars that are essentially advertisements.

For instance, those "free vacations" (after you sit through a three hour hard-sell for time shares in Myrtle Beach, SC). My concept is that it comes from a friend ("Patrick" or "James"), with a subject line of "Vacation Plans?" or something similar. We can do a bit of ethnography to figure out the best subject lines. Ethnography may not even be required. Since our marginal cost per advertisement is zero, we can use Jakob Nielsen's Google Ad Words rapid prototyping approach. The body of the ad would be something appropriate for selling time-shares. We would need to be able to geographically target people, but how hard can that be these days?

Just give me 1% of your profits.


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