Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Society For Undergrounding

This falls into the "Morally Acceptable Business Plan" bucket.

The Society for Undergrounding is a non-profit organization with the purpose of promoting tourism and photography around the world. We give grants to areas of natural beauty, historical importance, or unique views for the purpose of burying overhead wires that would otherwise make tourist snapshots significantly less pretty, or require a good deal of Photoshopping to remove.

We primarily work on the basis of voluntary donations from tourists and photographers, as well as donations from photography industry. We also can serve as an escrow-type agency for a region that might want to undertake an undergrounding operation, but want a neutral party to help negotiate with utilities and mediate between potential competitors.

Regional grants are, of course, done for that particular region. Otherwise, we accept proposals from anyone, and evaluate the opportunity based on the cost of the undergrounding, the expected number of pictures.

[ugh. I just checked, and "undergroundingsociety.org" is available. This means that I probably a) have to buy it, and b) put up a plausible website there.]


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