Sunday, September 17, 2006

The College Application Theory of the Life Partner Search

This is only distantly related to the Albert Speer theory of Boyfriends (aka "How much work will he need in 20 years?")

In high school, my college counselor divided up our college choices into three piles, "Sure Bets," "50/50," and "Long Shots." I think in terms of searching for a life partner, it's about the same -- there are some people out there that are (for what ever reason), long shots (for instance, Anderson Cooper. Not to be confused with Cooper Anderson). Then, there are people that are sure bets (for whatever reason, but mainly because you know they have already expressed an interest in you. Or they are gold-diggers. Or you fit into their ideal type.) But most of the world fits into the 50/50 category. You're more or less attractive, smart, funny, well-hung, etc. SO are they. So then it just turns into a game of the right place, right time, and so forth.

Now, I have to go to the gym to ensure that I stay in the 50/50 category.

"These things I do, just to make myself more attractive to you. Have I failed?"


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