Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Cameraphone Uses

I got a camera phone a few months ago, and in general, have been pretty disappointed with the quality. Over the weekend, I was at circuit party, and started to take a few pictures with it. (I decided not to take the big camera, since I am already geekier than both the median and average circuit boy and didn't want anything to make me look even worse.)

As it turns out, I think the camera works really well for the dance floor. Something about the so-so optics, less than impressive image processing, and general luck-of-the-draw in the shutter lag makes it great for that kind of environment. The Flickr set is here, but here is one:

Needless to say, I'm a little embarassed that I was at a circuit party to begin with, but hey, sometimes you have to do those kinds of things. At least there were a few bears at this one party:


Blogger Q said...

mmm that's one cute bear! you at a curcuit party... heheheh... was the no-shirt thing part of the required costume?

9:20 AM  

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